Privacy Statement

  1. At DrayEasy Inc., we gather insights about our customers to offer them tailored and efficient services. We utilize IP addresses to troubleshoot technical glitches and oversee our website's performance.
  2. To identify our recurrent visitors and ensure a distinctive browsing experience, we rely on cookies.
  3. Once registered, our users can expect communications through email and phone. This ensures timely confirmation of orders and any requisite information sharing for smooth order placements. We'll also reach out if there's a need to authenticate information or notify users about any changes.
  4. For all service bookings, it's essential for our customers to provide the details outlined in the relevant forms and work order documents. This ensures that our delivery aligns with their expectations.
  5. Be assured, your privacy is paramount at DrayEasy Inc. We neither disclose nor trade user information. Only DrayEasy Inc. representatives or our direct carrier partners will engage with our registered users, purely for the seamless execution of freight-related tasks.
  6. Unlike many websites, we pride ourselves on an ad-free experience. Our users won't encounter distracting banners or intrusive pop-ups.
  7. Committed to innovation, our platform boasts the latest in digital technology for both casual visitors and registered members. Please note, even we maintain restricted visibility into sensitive user details, including passwords and credit card data. We've fortified our site with advanced firewalls to ensure a secure user experience.
  8. As a part of our marketing outreach, registered users might receive promotional content electronically, in print, or through other technological channels. If you'd prefer not to receive these, an opt-out link is provided for convenience (i.e., "Remove me from your database"). Furthermore, should any user wish to terminate their DrayEasy Inc. account, they have the full liberty to do so. Re-activation remains an option should they change their minds in the future.