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Male Extra Review (June, 2020)

male extraWhy is it that so few male enhancement products are backed by real science?

Let’s take a look at Male Extra to determine if it really is effective.

Our in-depth review examined the side effects, effectiveness of ingredients, clinical studies, and customer service quality.

Moreover, we also considered numerous user responses and comments about Male Extra.

We have summarized our findings to give you the information you need.

Male Extra can be purchased through their Official Site.



  • L-Arginine
    This significant amino acid is important in nitric oxide secretion, which is why this ingredient has a direct effect on erections size. The efficacy of this ingredient has been proven in numerous studies.
  • Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid
    This acid, which is extracted from pomegranate, is known for its antioxidative properties and ability to improve the quality of erections. Such an effect on a man’s body is possible because this ingredient helps intensify blood circulation and increase stamina.
  • L-Methionine
    This amino acid is crucial for normal functioning of a man’s body. This ingredient inhibits hormone histamine synthesis. Low histamine prevents early ejaculation. So, this amino acid ensures long-lasting erections.
  • MSM
    This is an organic sulfur compound that has a positive influence on penile blood supply. It also safeguards penile tissue health and promotes penis enlargement. The ingredient is responsible for cellular turnover, including penile cells.
  • Zinc
    This significant micronutrient directly participates in testosterone synthesis. It is necessary for maintaining normal T levels for a high sex drive and hard erections.
  • Cordyceps
    This fungus has been famous since ancient times for its high potential to restore a man’s sexual health. It has aphrodisiac properties and can stimulate the brain area, regulating libido, which is why it has a strong influence on sex drive.
  • Niacin
    Niacin works by causing the penile blood vessels to dilate. As a result, men can rebuild their ability to get a strong erection, and it also boosts sexual endurance.


How Much Does Male Extra Cost?

1 month supply – $64.95
4 months supply – $197.95
6 months supply – $249.90


Product Warnings

Male Extra is considered an all-natural product with harmless ingredients, but you should still be careful if you have any diseases or use any drugs. In such cases, only a healthcare professional can determine if Male Extra will provide health benefits to you.


Will I lose my results if I stop taking Male Extra?

The manufacturer included the best ingredients in Male Extra to stimulate penile blood suppy. As a result, erections will become firmer and last longer. Erect penis size will increase, and the product also enhances libido. You will only enjoy these advantages, however, while you take Male Extra.

Does Male Extra Work?

Studies have proven the effectiveness of Male Extra’s active ingredients.

A one-month l-arginine supplementation has been confirmed as being useful for a man’s erectile function. In one study, 37% of male participants with impaired erectile function experienced considerable positive changes in the frequency and quality of erections.[1]

Another study proved that taking l-arginine for 6 weeks helped 31% of male participants boost their sex life. In particular, erections improved because of an increase in nitric oxide production by 2 times.[2]


Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid

Pomegranate juice consumption on a daily basis for 3 months is enough to boost blood circulation by 17%.[3]

Another research study that lasted for 8 weeks indicated that pomegranate juice helped male participants improve erections.[4]

One more study showed that in addition to intensification of blood supply, pomegranate also makes men feel less tired after any kind of physical activity.[5]

According to a study, zinc deficiency in men leads to a decrease in testosterone production by 75%. This study involved a 20-week diet that included very little zinc. After zinc levels were elevated in the participants, their testosterone levels also increased.[6]

Research has demonstrated that more than 50% of male participants experienced an enhancement in libido after Cordyceps supplementation.[7]

Another study involved a study group and a placebo group. Scientists found that 64% of the participants from the study group had an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse, but just 23.8% of the participants in the placebo group could boast of such an erection.

To summarize: Scientific data indicates that Male Extra is beneficial for erection fullness and libido.



The Bottom Line On Male Extra

Should we rev up the engines to buy Male Extra?

We are glad to see that this product offers a unique blend of 3 key ingredients that have been proven in published scientific research to increase nitric oxide levels, resulting in bigger and stronger erections.

We are also unaware of any complaints regarding side effects, and customer comments online indicate that men are having excellent results.

Also, the business behind Male Extra is so confident in the formula that they’re offering a 100 Day Money Back Guarantee, which is a good sign.



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Male Extra Questions & Answers

Is Male Extra a Penis Enlargement Pill?

Male Extra is developed and positioned primarily as the natural boner pill and sexual performance booster. This male enhancement supplement is targeted on the restoration of a man’s ability to get and keep a strong erection that can last and remain firm till the full man’s and woman’s sexual satisfaction. The erections are fortified through the natural mechanism of erection support.

But the natural components present in the ingredient content of not just promote the occurrence of strong erections in men who have already forgotten how the rock-hard erections look like. Thus, the ingredient content of Male Extra also works in a way that makes erections bigger. It means that the users of this all-natural hard on pill can also count on longer and thicker erections. You will both feel and see that your penis becomes truly bigger when erect. Your sex partner also can’t but notice the positive changes in your erect manhood size. That’s why Male Extra is also often advertised as a great representative of OTC penis enlargement pills.

Can I Take Male Extra Along with Any Testosterone Supplement?

Male Extra is created as a 100% natural male enhancement product aimed at the improvement of male sexual activity. This improvement is achieved through the revival of male erectile function. The men who regularly take this boner supplement can expect much better erections even without the use of any prescription medications. Since this product contains no artificial ingredients and medications, which might interact with the ingredients in the testosterone-enhancing remedies, you can safely combine the Male Extra supplementation with the intake of any natural testosterone boosters. Such a combination is unable to negatively affect your health.

Moreover, this penis pill is loaded with zinc which also elevates testosterone levels in men. According to different studies, zinc supplementation may increase testosterone levels in men by 50% and even 75%. So, this male enhancer will support the effects of any testosterone remedy which you take.

Can Male Extra Increase Libido?

Male Extra is a top-notch over-the-counter erection enhancer which can be also fairly called a strong natural libido booster. This supplement is widely renowned for its ability to amplify libido in men. The intensification of sexual interest and desire as well as elevation of sexual virility and stamina belong to the major uses of this boner pill.

In particular, this supplement contains Cordyceps, which is an internationally famous aphrodisiac fungus with unmatched libido-boosting properties. This component is able to increase male sex drive by 50%. You are sure to become much hornier.

How Should I Take Male Extra?

The manufacturer specifies that the daily dosage of Male Extra is three capsules per day. All these three capsules should be taken as one serving. This should be preferably done along with the very first meal of the day but the pill intake with other meal is also acceptable. The company emphasizes that no less than 30 days are needed for the proper accumulation of the natural compounds available in this hard on supplement in the man’s body. It means that you should use this natural remedies at least one month in order to start feeling the recharge of your bedroom activity.

You shouldn’t forget that it’s possible to take advantages of Male Extra only when you undergo the supplementation. As soon as you cease taking the supplement, these natural components will fade away from your body very quickly. Also, be aware of the fact that the supplementation should last every day. If you often skip the doses, you are unlikely to feel the positive changes in your sex life in general and erectile function in particular.

Is Male Extra Safe?

As of today, there is no plausible evidence that could prove the ability of Male Extra to harm the man’s health in any way. These high-quality ED pills of natural origin don’t include any artificial chemicals which could have undesirable effect on the man’s body. That’s why this supplement doesn’t cause any side effects. Both penis supplementation experts and customers didn’t inform the company about any serious or unpleasant side effects which could occur as a result of pill intake. So, you can take sexual performance booster without hesitation and fear.

Can I Use Male Extra with Prescription Medications?

Male Extra is considered to be a 100% harmless natural male product. There are only the top-notch natural substances in its formula. But if you are now undergoing the pharmaceutical therapy with any prescription drugs and at the same time wish to start the male enhancement supplementation, you should first of all ask your doctor whether it’s possible. If your healthcare provider allows you to do this, you can safely combine both types of remedies.

When Can I Wait for the Male Extra Supplementation Results?

The occurrence of supplementation results is a very individual matter since each person has own sensitivity to the natural components available in Male Extra. The majority of the customers admit that they notice the very first supplementation gains during a first couple of weeks since the beginning of pill intake. But generally, the pill active components need 30-60 days to store up in your body enough for showing the positive changes in your sexual well-being. Thus, at the end of this period, you are sure to experience firmer and fuller erections with a satisfactory duration. Also, the brightness of orgasms will gladden you, while bedroom endurance and stamina will grow. You will continue experiencing all these advantages throughout the whole Male Extra supplementation period. Also, the supplementation should last non-stop; that is, on a daily basis.

What Will Be with Male Extra Supplementation Gains When I Stop Taking the Pill?

Male Extra is not a medication that can treat a particular disease and leave a person healthy after the end of pharmaceutical therapy. This is an absolutely natural supplements loaded just with the natural components. These components strengthen the blood supply to the penis and hence promote the stronger, more solid, and more prolonged erections backed with high libido. But these components can perform their functions only when they are uninterruptedly delivered to the body. That’s why the Male Extra intake gains can’t be preserved after the cessation of supplementation.

What Does Male Extra Contain?

Male Extra is an exclusively unmatched male enhancement supplement that is filled with the high-quality, pure natural ingredients. These ingredients include Pomegranate 40% ellagic acid, Cordyceps, L-Methionine, L-arginine, Niacin, and Zinc. Each of these ingredients features 100% naturalness and safety. Numerous clinical trials were conducted to also prove the efficacy of the Male Extra ingredients for the man’s sexual health.

Can I Take Male Extra If I Am an Older Man?

The formulators of Male Extra made every effort to develop this supplement as a product that suits the needs and requirements of each man regardless of his age. And of course the elderly men are not an exception. Moreover, a variety of clinical trials have already confirmed the ability of the ingredients from the Male Extra formula are especially helpful for the restoration of erectile strength and duration in the older men, who most often suffer from the manifestations of erectile dysfunction. But if you are now curing any disease by means of taking the prescription medications, you should discuss with your healthcare provider the probability and consequences of male enhancement supplementation.

Who Produced Male Extra?

Male Extra is manufactured by the internationally renowned company with a spotless reputation. The company’s specialists are highly devoted to the consistent investigation and implementation of the latest technologies in the sphere of male enhancement supplement production. The company has been successfully performing its activities for 15 years already and ever stops its renovations. The highly innovative approach to the production of supplements is a pledge for the company’s great track records. Each Male Extra user can count on the timely, ultimate customer support which is at the customers’ disposal round the clock. All customers can refer to the support team when they need to find out all the details concerning their orders and all the products sold by the manufacturer.


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