Start Up Tips For Launching A Courier Business

For couriers that are based in the UK, there is plenty of business that is available.  However, many entrepreneurs are not sure whether they should take the plunge and get a courier business or company set up.  Whether you have worked for a courier company in the past and would like to start your own business or have no prior delivery industry experience, we have compiled our best tips that will help you get started in the right direction when starting your new courier delivery business.

Start Up Tips For Launching A Courier Business

1.Obtain Your Delivery Vehicle

Decide whether you want to lease or purchase your delivery vehicle.  It is necessary to have a practical vehicle that provides you with good fuel economy and that is safe and reliable.  If you decide to purchase, make sure that a competent mechanic checks the vehicle first and don’t forget to incorporate depreciation of the vehicle into your business plan.

2.Set Up Office Space

If you are setting up a home office, get in touch with your local zoning office to ensure that you can operate a business from your home legally.  If you will be renting office space, consider cost and location.

3.Buy The Equipment And Materials That You Need For Running Your Courier Service

Equipment and materials include things like bookkeeping, invoicing and tracking software for tracking pick-ups and deliveries, a GPS, office supplies like notebooks, pencils, pen and envelopes, two-way radios if you will have employees and cell phones.  You might also want to buy ledgers for tracking miles driven and gas usage along with gas cards to give to your employees.

4.Start Hiring Employees

If you would like to manage your office and have others do the deliveries and pick-ups, then start hiring employees.  Before hiring anyone to work for you, be sure to conduct credit and criminal background checks on the person first.  Be sure that all of your employees have reliable transportation if they will be driving their own vehicles, along with clean driving records.  You could also hire somebody to manage the office while you do the deliveries instead.  No matter which way you choose to do it, be sure that anyone you take on as an employee has the proper qualifications before hiring them.

5.Decide On Your Delivery Options

You need to decide whether or not you will be offering various delivery options, like overnight or one-hour delivery services.  Other decisions you need to make include the size and type of materials you will deliver and whether or not you will offer specialist delivery services like oversize items or confidential materials.

6.Develop Your Pricing Structure For Delivered Items

As an example, you might charge more for heavier packages than you do for letter deliveries.   If you will be offering one-hour or same-day delivery, be sure to consider the effort and time it takes to provide these types of services.

7.Estimate What Your Ongoing Costs Are Going To Be

When determining what prices you will charge for your services, it is important to take into account what all of your expenses are and to be sure they are all covered so that you still make a profit.  Knowing what your ongoing costs are will enable you to set the right rates to charge for your services.  When creating your pricing structure, be sure to consider the cost of vehicle maintenance and price of diesel or petrol.  For all new businesses, cash flow can be a problem.  So be sure to estimate the earnings for your first year in your business plan.  Determine how many assignments will need to be made in order to cover all of your expenses and still earn a profit.

8.Make Sure You Have The Proper Insurance

Having unexpected occurrences or accidents happen can cause serious problems for any new business.  Make sure you have the right insurance and coverage for a courier business.  Your office contents in addition to your employees and vehicles need to all be insured.

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