The Best Bandcamp Downloaders to Get Music from Bandcamp

The Best Bandcamp Downloaders to Get Music from Bandcamp

"I used Bandcamp Downloader previously, but it was forced to be out of service since artists are not happy about the downloader. Thus I am searching for the new solution to download music from Bandcamp." – Meredith

Bandcamp has become more and more popular among music enthusiasts since the last 8 years. The artists who make the music upload the files to the platform of Bandcamp directly. As for the case, you can discover different types of original music from Bandcamp. If you are quite interested in the original lyrics, you can purchase the items from its app. And then you can download music from Bandcamp in high quality MP3 or other formats. The article explains the different Downloaders you can use to obtain the desired songs for free. Just read the article to find the best solution accordingly.

Bandcamp Album Downloader

Part 1. Top 5 Bandcamp downloader programs online

As mention about the get the Bandcamp music, you can use some Bandcamp downloaders for Chrome, Firefox or online. The section lists top 5 Bandcamp downloading programs you should know.

Name of the Programs Process to download Bandcamp music Bandcamp Downloader addon

Features of the Programs

Tubeninja 1. Copy the link to the Bandcamp music track that you want to download.
2. Open Tubeninja and paste the link in the input box at the top of the page.
3. Click download menu and choose the quality before download music from Bandcamp.
Online Bandcamp Downloader

Save bandcamp music tracks Download bandcamp playlists Convert bandcamp content to MP3 Save bandcamp audio Fast and free process

Bandcamp Downloader 1. Download and install the Bandcamp downloader Chrome.
2. Click the Download menu to check the Bandcamp download playlists.
3. Choose the desired songs or click Download All to get all the files.
Bandcamp Downloader for Chrome Simultaneous multiple album downloading Zip with Artists album name folder architecture Allows to download Bandcamp again
Bandcamp album downloader 1. Copy and paste the URL of Bandcamp music from the website.
2. Choose the video, audio or the advanced option to download music from Bandcamp.
3. Click the Download! Option to get the desired music file from Bandcamp.
Online Bandcamp downloader Support Bandcamp and other 2433 websites. Download bandcamp video & audio files. Get bandcamp playlist within one click
Media Stealer 1. Download and install the Bandcamp downloader addon for Firefox.
2. And then you can access the addon from the bottom of Firefox to download the music.
3. Start the streaming with a status saying Progress "Transferring". When Process Finished you can get the file.
Bandcamp downloader for Firefox Monitor download process with the built-in download manager. Detail configuration provided for advanced users.
KeepVid 1. Enter the link of the video you want to download from Bandcamp.
2. Choose the desired format and size according to the different quality.
3. Click the Download button to extract the audio files from the website to your computer.
Versatile Bandcamp downloader Both the online version and the add-on version are available. Support more than 10,000 websites to download. Complete Entire music library

Part 2. Best Bandcamp Downloader Software

In order to protect the copyright of the original music on the platform, Bandcamp updates the mechanism frequently. Because of the frequently updates, the Bandcamp downloaders online might out of work. What should you do get the music from Bandcamp as for the case? Tipard Screen Capture should be the best to help you get the desired files for free. Just learn more detail about the other features of the program first.

  • 1. Capture audio and video files from any online streaming sites with the original quality. The program uses the advanced algorithm to get everything in high quality.
  • 2. Set timer and cursor to download music from Bandcamp. In order to extract one song from the whole album, you can use the timer to download the desired part.
  • 3. Support both the system audio and the voice from microphone. When you want to add some special parts to the music of Bandcamp, the Bandcamp downloader is also able to help you achieve the goal.
  • 4. Export Bandcamp music to the desired formats. When you want to use the Bandcamp to any other device, you can find the format from the program with ease.

How to download music from Bandcamp for free

You can also use the program to get music from Songr and other alternative websites. It should be the ultimate music downloader for you.

  • Step 1
    Launch the Bandcamp downloader When you want to download songs, you can listen to the music online first. And then launch Tipard Screen Capture to download the files.
  • Screen Capture interface
  • Step 2
    Set the audio source for Bandcamp Usually you can set the audio source as system audio if you just need to record the audio. Add the microphone as well if you want to add your own voice or other lyrics.
  • Record Audio
  • Step 3
    Download music from Bandcamp After that you can click the REC button to download music. Once you finish the process, you can click the REC button to stop recording the music.
  • Rec

If you need to transfer the files to the other devices, such as Android phone or iPhone, you only have to connect the device with your computer. And then you can transfer the downloaded Bandcamp music to other device. Just download the program and enjoy the music on the go now.


As the largest artists platform with the original music, you can find somse excellent masterpiece from Bandcamp. If you are satisfied with the lyrics from the desired artists, you can purchase and download songs from Bandcamp with the process. The section provides the ways to get the music files with Android devices and computers. When you do not want to purchase the whole album or want to get the songs in a free way, Tipard Screen Capture should be the right solution for you.

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The Best Bandcamp Downloaders to Get Music from Bandcamp