Essential Sites to See on a Rome Trip

If you have always been fascinated by history, there are few cities in the world that are steeped in more history than Rome, Italy. When the Roman Empire was at the height of their powers 2,000 years ago, they controlled a major portion of the civilized world. This made Rome not just the capitol of Italy, bit the entire planet. Many of the structures from this period of time have survived and are able to be explored by you and your family during your stay. When you see the ancient architecture and statues, you are sure to be taken back to that bygone era. Search for Rome hotels online to find the best deal. Here are some of the essential sites to see on a Rome trip.

1. Sistine Chapel

If you were to ask most people to name the most famous works of art in the history of mankind, the Sistine Chapel ceiling, painted by the legendary Michelangelo, would be at or near the top of every list. Once you view this masterpiece with your own eyes, you will begin to understand why it has received such remarkable acclaim since it was originally painted more than 500 years ago. The ceiling was painstakingly restored to its original glory several years ago. Over five centuries, a large amount of dirt had gathered on the ceiling. This has since been removed, allowing visitors to see the painting as people originally did when it was first completed. It took four years to finish. There is nothing else quite like it anywhere.

2. The Pantheon

Rome Trip

There are many buildings from the era of the Roman Empire that still exist in Rome today. However, many of these buildings are decayed and have fallen into a serious state of disrepair. This is understandable, since no structure is designed to last 2,000 years or more. One of the structures that is still in remarkably good condition, especially when you consider its age, is the Pantheon. What makes its condition even more astounding is the fact that is has been constantly in use for nearly 1,900 years. Its primary function nowadays is that of a church. Marcus Agrippa, the man responsible for the bulk of the building’s construction, would be proud to see how well it has held up.

3. The Forum

If you have ever dreamed of walking in the same place as the ancient Roman senators when they were making key decisions that impacted the entire Roman Empire, visiting the Forum gives you that opportunity. This was the center of Roman government at the height of the empire’s power. The likes of Julius Caesar and Nero dictated policy on this hallowed ground. Unfortunately, not much of the building itself remains, but it is still a treat to see the ruins. This is an essential place to visit for all history buffs.

4. The Colosseum

If there is one structure that identifies Rome more than any other in the minds of the rest of the world, it would have to be the Colosseum. It is a true architectural icon and a symbol of the power and brutality of the Roman Empire itself. Countless slaves were brutally put to death within its walls, to the cheers and delight of spectators and Roman politicians. Nowadays, tourists flock to see where all of the carnage took place. The catacombs under the Colosseum, where the slaves and condemned people awaited their horrible fate, are open to the public for tours.

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